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About Jessica

Jessica’s purpose is to help your business reach its full potential by recruiting the most qualified talent that meets your needs on a skill, experience, and emotional level.

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Jessica's Story

After receiving her degree in business and environmental studies from Antioch University, Jessica wasted no time putting it to use. In 2014 at the height of the drought, she Co-founded Ecolawn, a Santa Barbara based landscaping company. Her favorite aspect of the business was selecting the team and watching them thrive. 

Her unique skill for relationship building led her to the Helena Group, a global problem solving organization. As the VP of Membership, she interviewed interdisciplinary and intergenerational world leaders and facilitated meetings that led to actionable initiatives. After 2 years creating powerful connections and learning the art of the intro, she had a vast roster of valuable individuals under her belt. People began asking her for introductions when filling positions in their companies and that is when Outliers Recruiting was born. 

There is nothing that excites Jessica more than making connections that lead to fulfilling work in the world. Outliers Recruiting brings world-class people and outstanding companies together. Jessica is the bridge. She connects the dots with a meticulous, holistic approach, and most importantly, joy.  

Jessica Girard is an outlier in her own right and

 it takes one to know one.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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